I found photography late in life and took a few years to decide I really like it.  Practicing the art of photography challenges both your technical and creative skills as you work to craft an unforgettable image.  For me, photography is mostly a calming endeavor, but it has moments where it is very exciting, especially when you are standing in front of a scene that offers a perfect picture, if you can just muster the skill to get it right.  I also like that photography lets me be both social and solitary, sometimes both at the same time, as anyone who has been in a group of photographers, all crafting very different images from the same scene can attest to.

Over time, I find myself drawn to landscape photography.  I guess it suits my more solitary nature.  However, I have a big, extended family and I still enjoy getting the lighting and posing just right in portrait photography and I will continue to use my family as subjects as I develop my portraiture style.