Water Drops

Back in November of 2013 I experimented with a technique for capturing water drops.  I found the technique in Petersen’s Photographic (www.photographic.com).  I recommend checking out their website as they have lots of ideas for fun, interesting and educational projects to experiment with.

The setup was not as complicated as I had imagined and, once you get it right, it’s all about timing your shutter release to catch the drop impact at just the right instant.

These shots were all captured at 1/250 and f22 using a 105mm macro on a Nikon D800.  My flash was set to about 1/8 power and set to “Remote” mode.  This is the second time I’ve used this technique and the pictures are very different from the first time.  I have included a photo of the setup I used.  You can see that my flash is pointed at the background paper that is painted with assorted colors.  The flash bouncing off that background is what gives each shot its color, but the background itself is never in the shot.

Since I took these shots I have acquired a system that automates the drop process and allows me to time drops, and the actual act of taking the picture, down to the microsecond.  In the near future I will be updating this post with photos from the new setup.

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